"Lunch Room" Fubar Glacier

Photo Credit: Ron Fowler

Surrounded by Majestic Mountains
Surrounded by Majestic Mountains

Photo Credit: Rick Hrywkiw

Spring Sledding...riding season stretches from November through to May.
Tough pulls to 2800 metres
Tough pulls to 2800 metres

Photo Credit: Ron Fowler



Onion Cabin 'Parker Place' Emergency Shelter and 'Burdettes' emergency shelter

The Onion is part of Babine Mountains Provincial Park, and sledders can make use of two special permit areas: Four Lakes and Cronin.There are conditions and a defined number of trips for these rides  Contact the SSA BoD for more information on special permit rides. The ride up to the Onion shelter just outside the park boundary is about 9.5 kilometres and another four kilometres will take you to Burdettes shelter, which is within the park. Families with some experience will enjoy a relaxing, easy ride to the first shelter, and kids can try out powder meadows and rolling hills while Mom and Dad can take on some trickier challenges. Just past Burdettes, get ready for some steeper terrain, treed areas, creeks, glaciers and gullies, where experience in boondocking and navigating intermediate terrain are musts.

Driving directions to staging area: Head north out of Smithers on Highway 16 and take a left onto Babine Lake Road. About 18 kilometres later, take a left at the junction and travel 3.5 kilometres on Old Babine Lake Road. At the parking lot, there is a plowed connector between The Dome and The Onion, so visitors can easily spend half a day at each.
Elevation: Onion Cabin 5,219 feet
Distance from Smithers: 25 kilometres
Grooming season: December to April
Difficulty level: Easy up to experienced


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 Be considerate and respectful to others. Behave accordingly.
 This is a NO SMOKING facility.
 Do not split firewood inside.
 Do not leave any garbage or unused food behind. It will attract rodents and other
 Only use emergency equipment if it is an urgent situation.
 Leave this facility in better condition than when you arrived.
Thank You
from the Smithers Snowmobile Association



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