Firewood, groomers, and preview of AGM
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Smithers Snowmobile Association

October 2016 Newsletter


The Microwave should have enough firewood now for the season. Thank you to Kyle and his wife for getting things started up there. And thank you to Kurtis for bringing in the last load. Everyone who's riding up there this year you should thank these few for taking time out of their lives to keep you warm!

The Dome still needs wood to be brought up. There are piles of it on the trail just looking to hitch a ride. Jason said he will bring up lots in October so thanks for him for volunteering that. Anyone else interested? Anyone else going for a quad ride up there that could bring a few pieces up? Every little bit helps.

Russ is currently in discussions with Highland to bring up some loads of firewood to Sinclair. They are just waiting for a break in Highland's schedule.

Harold Price and the Onion have enough wood for the season.


The yellow groomer has been up for sale since the spring. Now is the time we are going to start to see some interest. We had our first person look at it this past month. Interest will start to heat up.

The Red and Blue groomer are still in their secure lockup. Tracks have been put on and they are almost ready to move.

Telkwa FSR

The SSA has a signed road user agreement with the government in regards to the Telkwa FSR. Because of this agreement there are standards that need to be met, although there are no good set of guidlines to follow.

Due to the cost of plowing and possible liability expenses the SSA decided not to plow and instead groomed the road. This wasn't a popular decision. This year we are going to keep the road open. So if anyone wants to help with a plow to keep it open, please do. There are standards that the SSA needs to meet however.

In the agreement it states that there should be a pullout within line of sight. The SSA believes this is imposible to maintain on that road, mentioning this to Ron Donnely of the governemnt he stated that they do want pullouts within line of sight but they don't have to be large ones to accomodate a logging truck. The SSA will do its best to maintain this road but remind people that this is still a winter logging road and that you need to drive accordingly.

Also, we have discussed our intent to make the Microwave parking lot bigger this year.


This past spring and summer there have been monthly meetings hosted by the provincial government, between officials and local user groups. These meetings were meant to discuss the issue of the Caribou in Starr and Hunters Basin, and how their decline should affect local user groups. Right from the outset we knew this would be an uphill battle as they were going to decide issues based on votes, well there are a lot less motorized user groups than non-motorized. In the end the votes went against the SSA and it was decided that access should be limited or denied for motorized access.

Now that the meetings are over and recommendations have been made, a Science Review Panel has made the decision that Hunters' Basin be closed to motorized use and the access to Starr should be limiited to 1 sanctioned ride. This is to motorized access only as skiers and hikers were not affected. Although this decision has been made, the government still needs to do its due process so for now Starr is still considered to be under a voluntary closure.

Things to note: The Starr closure would be all the way down to the end of Aveling Coalmine road. This will restrict the use of motorized access for young people living in that area.

The local Quad Riders club voted for restricted access as long as they received their one ride per season up the Starr. This vote ultimately went against what the SSA wanted and also against the young riders, atv and sled, in the outskirts of Telkwa.

The Science Review Panel had no signatures on it. Right now there is no way of knowing who was on the committee or even how many people were on it. This was brought up by the SSA, that we wanted to know whos made these decisions, who had the authority, was there a vote etc etc.. The governemnt offiial couldn't or wouldn't answer the questions.

Also a big thank you to Bill and Wade who represented the SSA in these meetings. Although these meetings were only once a month, they were either 8 hour meetings on a Saturday or two 4 hour meetings in the evening during the week. It was a big commitment for these two and we thank them a lot.


Next month is the Annual General Meeting for the Smithers Snowmobile Association. This is the big meeting where the membership votes on its' President, Secretary, Treasurer, membership fees etc etc. This is also the most in-depth meeting of our finances and what direction we would like to see the club go. Everyone please come out and show supprt for the club. The meeting will be held on November 9th at the Prestige Hudson Bay Lodge at 7:30. Afterwards members like to go into the room next door and order food and beverages. It actaully a good time, mingling with other sled members eagerly getting ready for the season to begin.

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