The SSA's AGM. Board of Directors elected.
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Smithers Snowmobile Association

November 9, 2016 AGM


Treasurer Kyle Kurulak read the Financial Report.

Members of the Board of Directors were chosen.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the 2016/17 season have been elected. They are as follows:

President/Treasurer: Kyle Kurulak

Vice-President: Carl Chad

Secretary/Sponsorship: Tyler Ferster

Membership/user fees: Ashley Haywood

Director: Chris Brooks, Casey Pyper, Clyde Kurulak, Bill Wookey, Jason Ehrlich, Wade Lubbers.

For the full list of membership positions please check out the website at


The SSA did very well last year despite the poor snow year. We had a lot of members and brought in a lot from the raffle. We were able to purchase a new-to-us groomer and pay it completely off. This year should be an even better year as a lot of snow has been predicted. We will continue to look for new grants and are always open to suggestions on how to allocate our resources.


It's very exciting that we have a new one! Rec, Sites, and Trails contacted our president last week and said that a prefab one would be supplied if we could get it in quickly. Thank you to Kyle and Clyde Kurulak who got on the job quickly and installed the new outhouse at the Dome parking lot. They then asked Rec, Sites, and Trails if they could get some gravel spread between the outhouse and the parking lot as there is some soft ground there.

It was also suggested at the meeting that we should start getting the word out to Rec, Sites, Trails that we could use an outhouse at 19km on the Telkwa FSR.

Avalanche Canada

In the past we signed an agreement to sponsor Avalache Canada for a selected amount of time. Well that time is now up. We discussed wether or not we should sign another agreement. The cost was approximately $1,200 per year. Their website was looked at and from what a member could see we were the only snowmobile club that sponsored them. Mostly it was the snowmobile manufacturers and large retail companies that were sponsoring them. It was decided that we should not sponsor them and use that money elsewhere.

But just because we aren't going to sponsor them does not mean that we shouldn't expose our membership to the risks and possible life saving information. That being said we will inform the membership when Sean Fraser is having his next avalanche course and we will discuss with the backcountry skiers about hosting another avalanche awareness course. One was held last year between the two groups and there was a strong showing.


The membership in attendance have agreed that the SSA sponsor the Bulkley Valley Search and Rescue this year to the amount of $1,000. We believe this is a very important cause, especially for a group that depends on the outdoors. In fact, members of the BV Search and Rescue were just called out recently to save a fisherman whos boat had capsized. We believe this money will be well spent and could save the life of one of our members in the future.

Membership and User Fees

We had a good showing of members last year. Thank you to all of them as this association has always been member driven. We have decided to keep membership dues the same this year. Books are now out at the local dealers and riders have already started to buy them. Please support the club and purchase your membership.

If you aren't going to be riding much this year, Lizette will be collecting user fees again. It will be $20 per ride. You can also purchase your day pass at the local dealerships or the Prestige Hudson Bay Lodge. This money helps to go toward the association as a whole, not just for grooming but for maintaing shelters, buying equipment, standing up to groups opposed to snowmobiling, brushing out trails etc.

Caribou, Houston, Riding Areas

Les Austin wrote a letter, on behalf of the Houston Snowmobile Association, to us and other local riding associations including Prince George. It was a good letter informing everyone how they felt about the caribou situation, how it's being handled and what they believe could be done in the future. Outside of the letter he also mentioned his disappointment in the BC Snowmobile Association in their lack of help in the fight. In this regard, we believe that we'd better start working more diligently in cementing our other current riding areas so that other special interest groups don't start taking them away with deals behind closed doors. Let's not forget that their are anti-smowmobilers in government positions who have the ability to close off areas.

Garbage, Shelter Cleanliness

It has been brought up again how filthy the shelters on the Microwave have been left over the last year or so. Not only in winter but this summer as well. It's been so bad that you actually have to clean up the mess just so you have a place to sit. Leftover salads on the seats, molding sandwiches in the recycling bin. We realize the shelter gets used by others such as atvers and out of towners, Houston, Terrace and Kitimat people. But can we all take the high road, clean up after ourselves and push others when they don't.

Management Plan

Rec, Sites and Trails have asked us to put a management plan together outlining what our plans are for the near future. This way they will be able to budget where the government money gets distributed. A government worker at the meeting mentioned that when funding comes in, it comes quickly and sometimes unexpectably so the government tends to give the funds to groups that are ready to act. The new outhouse is a great example how the funding was unexpected and had to be done right away. So on this note, what would you like to see your membership fees invested in? Idease have been thrown out such as a couple renevoated shelters such as the old Mic and the old Onion. Maybe we can update another groomer? A new outhouse at the Mic parking lot was an idea. Is there a trail you would like to see made wider? Please email your ideas to


Our groomers are almost ready to go. They have been looked at by the guy that travels the province maintaining peoples groomers. He found a squashed rad mount and some sloppy bushings on our new red. These need to be changed and will be. By the time the ground freezes and the muds gone the groomer will be ready to go.

The yellow groomer is up for sale still. We had a little interest in it but so far no offers. We are thinking that we may have priced it too high so it will be lowered. We will also contact some previous people who were interested in it and let them know of the lowered price. It was mentioned that we could use the groomer in other areas such as Harold Price. But some operators reminded us that it always breaks down on the job and the result is a long, cold walk home and a lot of expenses to get out to fix it on the trail or even worse, having to get yhe groomer out and bring it to town.


We had a huge turnout for the AGM! Thank you to everyone that attended!!  We had some good discussions, everyone contributed. And then afterwards we went next door, had some food and beverages. Oh and there was a lot of reminiscing of the old XLTs, 121 tracks, not being able to make it to the cabins on big snow days (back in the day of course) among others. We hope to see the rest of you next month as we will have more sled talk.

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