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Smithers Snowmobile Association

November 2016 Newsletter

Trails and Shelters

There's definitely not enough snow at the Dome and Onion right now so no grooming has been done there. However Rick was able to do a quick pass on the Mic trail so thanks to him. The Mic Main was in good shape this month so thanks to everyone for taking care of it.


The Ole' Yellow. This is the groomer that we replaced with the newer red one. Well we have two offers for it. One offer is from a couple people in Ontario who want to make trails on their private property. The other offer is from Kitimat to help out their snowmobile association. The Board of Directors voted all in favour to accept the offer from Kitimat !!


We've had a good start with people purchasing their yearly membership. We expect a surge once the big snow arrives. We will have fee collectors out at the Mic again this year and we will also have someone out at the Dome and Onion throughout the season. These fees are important as the money we collect goes to things such as groomers, fuel, firewood, outhouses, and shelter maintenance among others.

Cronin / 4 Lakes / Burnie Shae

The Cronin and 4 Lakes are restricted areas. We are given Letters of Permission from BC Parks to ride up there. We only get limited trips so we prefer larger groups to take advantage of them. This year we have received 3 letters for the Cronin and 8 for 4 Lakes. If you are interested in going, the letters are held at Trails North.

The Burnie Shae weekend this year is April 8th and 9th. So mark your calendars and let's get lots of people up there.

Canadian Rangers

Watch out for the Rangers up the mountains this year! They will be doing outdoor training on and off of snowmobiles. They will be up the Dome and the Onion between January 15-20th and 21-22nd as well as February 5-9th and 11-12th.

Management Plan

We have mentioned in the past few newsletters that Rec, Sites, and Trails have asked for an operating plan for the next 5 years so that they can plan for the future. After much deliberating we have come up with a general idea of what we would like to accomplish. Now these ideas are not set in stone, they are what we would like to achieve. For example, we don't believe that a grommer in 2022 will be feasible but if it's in the plan then Rec, Sites and Trails will see it and may be able to get us the money in the event it comes available.


Summer 2017 - Renovate the Onion Main. Install an outhouse at 19km on the Telkwa FSR.

Summer 2018 - Trail maintenance. Firewood.

Summer 2019 - Renovate the Old Mic.

Summer 2020 - Trail maintenance. Firewood.

Summer 2021 - Renovate the Sinclair shelter.

Summer 2022 - Trail maintenance. Firewood.

Summer 2023 - Purchase a new groomer.


Ticket sales have been going very well. We got things ready and started early while the weather was warmer this fall. There are very few tickets left. This raffle has proven to be one of our most important revenue generators. Thank you to all that helped sell tickets. But a huge thank you to Ted Schmidt and Casy Pyper for all of their hard work this year and years previous.

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