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Smithers Snowmobile Association

March 2016 Newsletter


Harold Price shelter is in really good shape. Highland Helicopters flew up two baskets of firewood and stacked it for us. The Blunt Road is no longer being plowed so use it at your own risk. The snow is getting deep up there so you will have to park further down.

Microwave shelters are pretty good. Some beer cans had been left laying around on the floor. In addition someone had puked on the floor and left it there to freeze. Thanks to Curtis for cleaning it up for us. The Telkwa FSR is starting to get very slushy and muddy.

Sinclair shelter is in good condition but is low on firewood. We will see if we can't get a helicopter to bring some up for us this summer.


We are starting to discuss when we should pull the groomers from the trails.

The old yellow groomer is in storage on a concrete pad behind a gate. It's okay if it sits there this summer. We are going to try to sell it. Should we list it now or in the fall. It was decided to list it now. We will be asking $17,500 for it.


Memberships are still coming in. As of right now we have 191 total members. Thank you to everyone who supports the club by becoming a member.

Mangement Plan

Rec, Sites and Trails would like us to create a long term management plan to help them plan their future budgets. We've thrown out some ideas in the last couple of newsletters. A couple more options are the two older shelters on the Mic and the Onion. They are getting very worn down and ned to be upgraded. It was asked if we should just take them down, do we need two shelters on the Mic and Onion? If we had only one shelter on each mountain then we could focus our funds on them. It was mentioned that the Onion shelters were very hard to get permission to build so we shouldn't give them up.

What does the memebrship think? What would you like to see the SSA focus on in the future? Please email us at

Caribou WHA

Bill and Wade have been going to the caribou meetings every month. This meeting Wade was able to bring us some very detailed maps of the WHA area which showed the contested sites. Wade said that his take on the meeting is that there is no chance that they will allow unlimited motorzied activity up there. He believes that we would have to give up something to make this "negotiation" work for the government. So Bill and Wade are being proactive and have created a list of ideas for the government.

Give- Increase the size of the Hunters' Basin where motorized activity is not allowed.

Take- We get to keep Star Basin for riding.

Give- Should make it for members only so that we can assure the government that the riders will know and understand where the riders are and are not allowed to go.

Give- The SSA will provide the membership of up-to-date locations of the caribou as well as education in caribou avoidance. SSA members would also have to report caribous sighting along with wolves, deaths etc.

Take- The government needs to provide the SSA with more accurate, and more frequent updates to the location of the caribou.

Take- The government have to collar all the caribou so that there is better information of where they are located as well as more accurate numbers of their population.

Take- No more introduction of caribou. The animals that are there need to be ale to survive on their own without the help of introducing artificial numbers

Take- The governemtn should educate the people living around Hunters' Basin about the caribou. We believe that the people living close to there are the ones that frequent the area the most.

Take- The government should make all of the signs in the area more consistent and accurate. Right now they are of all ages and are contradictory.

Take- The government should be responsible for all enforecement on non-compliance.

Give- The SSA would be supportive of fines for acts of non-compliance in Star Basin.

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