Topics this month include sponsorships, donations and plowing
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Smithers Snowmobile Association

February 2015 Newsletter

This SSA meeting was called to order at 7:30pm on February 11, 2015

We have 10 in attendance

Equipment and Shelters

The grooming equipment seems to be running fine. We have an ongoing issue with Blue in regards to antifreeze but nothing urgently needed.

The trails are all in good shape except for the Pine Creek. It's seen much more traffic this year, We are seeing quite a few different weather conditions so the trails are continuously changing.

Thanks to all the members that donate their time to maintaining the equipment and trails.

Telkwa FSR

Bear Enterprises, which operates the Burnie Glacier Chalet in the Howson Range, has used the Telkwa FSR as a staging area for their helicopters to pick up and drop off clients for many years and has benefited from the efforts of the SSA to keep the roads clear. With the SSAs decision in the summer to not plow the Telkwa FSR because of other factors, Bear Enterprises is now unable to access the road and have contacted the government in regards to a road management agreement to research the cost/benefits of keeping the road open themselves. It will be interesting to see if Bear Enterprises finds this to be a cost effective option and whether or not they approach the SSA for assistance.


We currently have approximately 170 members. Membership is a great way to keep informed with the operations of the SSA. It's amazing how many volunteer hours goes into keeping the trails and shelters maintained but also how much effort goes into keeping areas open to recreational use. Did you know that Harold Price was once slated to be a completely non-motorized area? It was two members of the SSA and Hazelton association that fought tooth and nail to keep it open to sledders.

But what we are finding is that we need more young people to join the fight, to have input. Let's all make a push to get the 18-30 year olds as part of the club !!!  If we could just get to 400 members then we could afford to plow roads, purchase new, faster groomers that require less snow, build larger shelters, pay people to continuously stock wood etc etc!!!

Donations and Sponsorship

It was discussed last month that we should give back more to the community. The SSA is a non-profit association that yearly asks for sponsorship money. This month Bill W. made a motion that the SSA makes a donation of $1,000 to the BV Search and Rescue. The BV Search and Rescue has been a Platinum sponsor of the SSA for many years and they are the ones who get called on when one of our members is in need of help. The motion was seconded and all were in favour.

User Fees

The question has been asked regularly to user fee collectors and other members over the winter. "Do $20 user fee passes count towards a membership?" The SSA does not want to discourage people from being members however they also don't want to reward people for trying to make it a season without joining. Tyler F. has made the motion that a person can put 1 $20 user fee towards their membership but need to present the receipt when paying for the membership. Bill W seconded and all were in favour.

The SSA would also like to thank the Compliance & Enforcement Officers for showing up at a couple of trail heads to support the SSA and the user fee collectors in their effort to enforce the Trail Management Agreement.


Hill Climbs, Drag Races, Hill Cross, Snow-A-Rama, Kiddies Races, Poker Rides!! These are all events that would be well attended and supported. These are all events that people have mentioned they would like to see. Is there anyone out there that have ideas? Let's hear them!!  Bring your ideas and volunteers to run them and let's make the SSA very well known in the community!! Pick a charity to sponsor. Northwest Animal Shelter, Doctor's without Borders, Salvation Army, Hospice Society, Children's Hospital etc etc!

See you at the next meeting on March 11, 2015 !!

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