Naming of directors, the movie, beavers and more ....
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Smithers Snowmobile Association

2021/2022 AGM Meeting


Our Board of Directors for this coming year are as follows:

President: Kyle Kurulak

Vise President: Russ Boyd

Secretary: Tyler Ferster

Membership: Ashley Haywood

Director: Jason Ehlrich

Director: Don Karrer

Director: Mike Frohlick

Telkwa Forest Service Road

PLEASE BE CAREFUL! There is a lot of traffic on the road right now. BC hydro and PNG are using the road, There is some active logging and there is a lot of traffic back and forth for the movie. BC Hydro and the movie are using the road 7 days a week so even on Sundays there will be a lot of traffic. Not everyone has a radio and not everyone are used to driving an icy forest service road. Don't expect other drivers to move all the way over.

Pine Creek

We would like to remind people to use the new parking lot at the bottom of the Piper Down bike trails. The turn off for the this parking lot is just a little past McDonald Lake road. The parking lot was just graded. Please don't use the gravel pit on the McDonald Lake road. There will be active logging on that road this winter and there isn't enough room for everyone.

The Movie

If you are riding somewhere where the movie is being filmed, please be respectable and keep your distance. As a thank you for them being allowed to use our trails and cabin they paid to have our parking lot enlarged. And this wasn't a cheap expense as they had to haul in many trucks of gravel.

BC Hydro

It looks like BC Hydro will be working up the mic area until mid-December, weather permitting. This means that they will open up a parking lot for us 3kms up the trail, at the power line. Please drive up the mic trail carefully as the trail won't be maintained as well as the road. And be extra cautious if you're using a trailer.

Beaver Dam

There is a beaver dam on the lower part of the dome that is backing up the creek we cross. Where we cross it's been noted that the water is 3-4ft high. The groomer usually breaks the ice when it crosses the creek but if the water is that deep then this could pose a serious safety risk for riders. It would cost approx $375/day to rent an excavator, plus transportation. We are checking with the government to see if we are allowed to take down the dam. Be very careful crossing this creek.

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