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Smithers Snowmobile Association

2019/2020 AGM Nov 13, 2019

Starr Basin

Laura and Kirsten from the government office on Alfred came in to speak about Starr Basin and the Caribou. We were given the dates of Nov 1 - Nov 30th to apply for a permit to ride in the area. There will be three permits per block, 7 blocks tota ,12 riders per block, 4 riders per permit, so 21 total permits. Last year the SSA held all of the permits but were then held liable for the actions of the riders, so the SSA won't be holding them this year. Dec 6 is when people will know if they were awarded a permit.

Dec 15th is the first part of the permit when people need to register their riders. The 2nd part of the permit is two days before hand when the govenrment lets us know if there are any caribou in the area. We can have the government ammend who gets to go on the ride up to three weeks prior. Next year they will start to charge $55 per permit. As for caribou, the most recent count is 32, 7 more than last year.

Bulkley Valley Intensive Motorized Association

The BVIMA is a new group looking to set aside some crown land in the microwave area that can be used for hill climbing and mud bogging. They need to brush more trails up the Pine Creek and Microwave. They would like to get themselves, the SSA and the BV Quad Riders together to join forces to do the brushing, as well as for grants. The more people in the group the more leverage you have. The regional district has a grant writer and has access to some good maps. The BVIMA would like to start a committee with a couple of people from these groups to start some dialogue and bring the groups closer together.

Shelters and Trails

The season is still early with a lack of snow so there is not much to report from the shelters.

Avalanche beacons need to be put up, they are all currently in lockup. The government wants 4x8 kiosks for all of the beacon checkers, with concrete footings. The estimate for that is about $1,000 each to build. There is no chance we can get this done this year so we will have to add it to our summer workload.

The red groomer is ready to go. A big thanks to Clyde, Russ, Don and Pierre for this.

Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors for this year is as follows:

President: Kyle Kurulak

Vice-President: Russ Boyd

Secretary: Tyler Ferster

Membership: Ashley Haywood

Director: Kenton Haywood

Director: Chris Brooks

Director: Clyde Kurulak

Director: Mike Frohlick

Director: Don Karrer

Director: Jason Ehrlich

BC Hydro

A consultant to BC Hydro, Mike Van Arem, attended the meeting and gave us an update on the work that was being done on the Telkwa side of the Mic. The hill is slowly sluffing and therefore Hydro needs to move some lines before they lose them. They are rerouting the lines up the hill then across 7kms and then back down. Their construction schedule is from April to early November. If they start working early enough in the spring they will need to plow our trail. This job is expected to be done in 2023.

PIR will be hauling up the Telkwa Forest Service Road, across the bridge at 18.5km. This is good for us as they will be in charge of plowing the road. Steelhead Excavating will be doing the plowing so we will talk to them to see if they can go just that little extra bit to keep our parking lot open.

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