Best Snowmobliing in BC
Best Snowmobliing in BC

Photo Credit: Rick Hrywkiw

"Lunch Room" Fubar Glacier

Photo Credit: Ron Fowler

Spring Sledding...riding season stretches from November through to May.
Northern BC's Best Snow
Northern BC's Best Snow

Photo Credit: Rick Hrywkiw


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2021/2022 AGM Meeting

Naming of directors, the movie, beavers and more .... read more..

McKendrick Mountain Goats

read more..

Starr Basin Lottery

Joanne Lee from government has given us information on the Starr Basin lottery. The deadline is November 20th. read more..

October 2021 Newsletter

First meeting of the season. Talking about Starr Basin and the big movie! read more..


Our first meeting of the season is tomorrow. Wednesday, October 13th! read more..

October 2020 Newsletter

read more..

*SSA TIME SENSITIVE* Starr Basin ride and closure information

Starr Basin ride and closure information read more..

January 2020 Newsletter

read more..

Starr Permit Holders

Anyone who holds a permit to Starr could you please let the SSA know the days you were awarded. This way the SSA can compile a list of who has what days and maybe can help maximize permit usage. Just email us at Thanks!! read more..

Dec 11, 19 Newsletter

read more..

2019/2020 AGM Nov 13, 2019

read more..

2019 SSA Raffle Schedule

read more..

2018/19 AGM

This year's AGM read more..

Reminder. AGM soon

read more..

Reminder: The new season begins

read more..

March 2018 Newsletter

Summer maintenance, Frank Parker Onion shelter. read more..

February 2018 Newsletter

Plowing the big snow, government information read more..

January 2018 Newsletter

Raffle winners and Avalanche Awareness read more..

Avalanche Awareness Days

read more..

December 2017 Newsletter

Another movie filmed in Smithers?? read more..

November 2017

read more..

October 2017 AGM

Election of Directors, Pine Creek trail, Onion shelter maintenance read more..

September 2017 Newsletter

The beginning of the 2017/18 season. The next meeting will be our AGM. read more..

April 2017 Newsletter

Last meeting of the year and the BCSF read more..

March 2017 Newsletter

Utility vehicles up the Onion, BCSF, Operating Plan read more..

Avalanche Canada Opportunity

read more..

February 2017 Newsletter

Professional Fundraising, BC Rec, Sites and Trails representative, read more..

January 2017 Newsletter

Raffle Winners. Trail updates. Shelters. read more..

November 2016 Newsletter

read more..

November 9, 2016 AGM

The SSA's AGM. Board of Directors elected. read more..

October 2016 Newsletter

Firewood, groomers, and preview of AGM read more..

April 2016 Newsletter

Last meeting of the season!! Have a great summer everyone !! read more..

March 2016 Newsletter

Caribou WHA and the regular stuff read more..

February 2016 Newsletter

What should we plan for the future? Give us some ideas! read more..

January 2016 Newsletter

WHA (Wildlife Habitat Area), Grooming, Shelters read more..

December 2015 Newsletter

A new president in place. Grooming has begun! Will we be losing the Telkwa Range? read more..

November 2015 Newsletter

The SSA loses a great person. Avalanche course coming in December. read more..

October 14, 2015. AGM

Annual General Meeting and the first meeting of the season. All positions available and will be voted upon, including President, Vice-President, Board of Directors among others. read more..

February 2015 Newsletter

Topics this month include sponsorships, donations and plowing read more..

January 2015 Newsletter

Topics this month include Raffle winners, Caribou, Safety and Memberships read more..

December 2014 Newsletter

A Caribou presentation and information on the proposed Wildlife Habitat Area, (WHA) was put on by local MFLNRO officials. read more..

November 12, 2014 AGM

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm 20 Attendees read more..

October 2014 Newsletter

This is our first meeting for the 2014/15 season! read more..