Spring Sledding...riding season stretches from November through to May.
Bernie Glacier
Bernie Glacier

Photo Credit: Rick Hrywkiw

Thousand year old ice cubes for evening beverages
Smithers Snowmobile Association
Smithers Snowmobile Association

Photo Credit: Ron Fowler

Board of Directors and Member Positions

2014/2015 Board of Directors

  • President: Kyle Kurulak                                                
  • Vice-President / Director: Carl Chad
  • Treasurer / Director: Kyle Kurulak                                                
  • Secretary / Director: Tyler Ferster
  • Director: Ashley Haywood
  • Director: Casey Pyper
  • Director: Wade Lubbers 
  • Director: Jason Ehrlich
  • Director: Chris Brooks
  • Director: Bill Wookey
  • Director: Clyde Kurulak


Other Member Positions                     

  • Equipment Maintenance: Clyde Kurulak, Kenton Haywood
  • Membership/User Fees: Ashley Haywood
  • Grooming: Clyde Kurulak
  • Sponsorship: Tyler Ferster
  • Safety: Curtis Hofsink and Brad Martin
  • Onion Shelters: Carl Chad
  • Dome Shelter: Carl Chad
  • Microwave Shelters: Curtis Hofsink
  • Harold Price Shelter: Tyler Ferster
  • Sinclair Shelter: Russ Boyd
  • Website: Tyler Ferster