Spring Sledding...riding season stretches from November through to May.
Thousand year old ice cubes for evening beverages
Lots of fresh snow in May
Lots of fresh snow in May

Photo Credit: Ron Fowler

Northern BC's Best Snow
Northern BC's Best Snow

Photo Credit: Rick Hrywkiw

Board of Directors and Member Positions

2014/2015 Board of Directors

  • President: Kyle Kurulak                                                
  • Vice-President / Director: Carl Chad
  • Treasurer / Director: Kyle Kurulak                                                
  • Secretary / Director: Tyler Ferster
  • Director: Ashley Haywood
  • Director: Casey Pyper
  • Director: Wade Lubbers 
  • Director: Jason Ehrlich
  • Director: Chris Brooks
  • Director: Bill Wookey
  • Director: Clyde Kurulak


Other Member Positions                     

  • Equipment Maintenance: Clyde Kurulak, Kenton Haywood
  • Membership/User Fees: Ashley Haywood
  • Grooming: Clyde Kurulak
  • Sponsorship: Tyler Ferster
  • Safety: Curtis Hofsink and Brad Martin
  • Onion Shelters: Carl Chad
  • Dome Shelter: Carl Chad
  • Microwave Shelters: Curtis Hofsink
  • Harold Price Shelter: Tyler Ferster
  • Sinclair Shelter: Russ Boyd
  • Website: Tyler Ferster